How To Make Wilted Celery Crisp Again

by Domestic Soul, Feb 24, 2012

I’m sure we’ve all run into this problem at one time or another. You’re in the middle of a recipe. You get to the part where it says “2 stalks celery”. You get the celery out of the fridge only to find out it looks like this:

How To Make Wilted Celery Crisp Again from

Your celery has lost its perkiness, and who wants mushy celery in their recipe? Nothing to do but toss the celery now, right? Nope. The good news is, you can make wilted celery crisp again!

Simple fix: First, cut the bottom end off the celery bunch

How To Make Wilted Celery Crisp Again from

Next, put the celery in a jar or drinking glass and fill with water (cool to room temperature), like so:

How To Make Wilted Celery Crisp Again from

Let celery sit in water for a few hours. You’ll know it’s done when it feels like fresh celery and it no longer bends. The amount of time it will take will depend on how wilted your celery is. If it’s just a little wilted, an hour or two may be sufficient. This batch was on it’s last legs, so I let it sit overnight. But the results speak for themselves:

How To Make Wilted Celery Crisp Again from domesticsoul.comVoila! Good as new!

But here’s the really cool part of this trick – it doesn’t work only on celery. Here’s a batch of cilantro that collapsed in my fridge:

How To Make Wilted Celery Crisp Again from domesticsoul.comOh poor, sad cilantro. Now normally, you’d probably throw this cilantro out and get annoyed that you wasted money on food you didn’t use. I hear ya… I’d probably do the same thing. So let’s fix this one up, shall we?

Cut off the bottom inch of the stems. Place in water. 12-16 hours later… Abracadabra!

How To Make Wilted Celery Crisp Again from domesticsoul.comLike magic! Tastes the same as the day you brought it home and no money is wasted. Now, don’t let that magic cilantro go to waste. Go forth and salsa!

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