Cleaning Glass with Vinegar – Streak Free

Cleaning Glass with Vinegar - Streak Free! from

If you’re looking to remove toxic substances from your home, there are quite a number of safer products available at your local store. But I’m thinking, if I can make my own cleaner in just a few seconds with things I deem safe enough to eat, surely that’s the safest option, right?

Cue our trusty old friend, white vinegar.

White vinegar is an amazing option for cleaning around the house. It’s non-toxic (I mean hey, you’d eat it, right?), it’s a potent anti-bacterial agent, and even more, it’s effective at cleaning some of the most stubborn spots. Can you say kitchen grease? Oy! Check out the job it did on my microwave. Amazing.

But did you know that vinegar can also clean your glass to a streak free shine? It does a fantastic job – even on those stubbornly gross bathroom mirror stains. Here’s what mine looked like this morning:

Cleaning Glass with Vinegar – Streak Free from

Ew. Seriously. I swear, no matter how thorough you are at cleaning your house, one day you will look at your mirror and see grossness like this. Or worse. Some days I think the entire life purpose of a bathroom mirror is to get grosser every day.

Luckily, cleaning glass with vinegar is one of the simplest things in the world. Here’s what you need:

Cleaning Glass with Vinegar – Streak Free from

  1. A spray bottle. While I’m all for reusing items, I wouldn’t reuse a bottle from an old cleaner. It’s never a good idea to mix chemicals, and no matter how well you clean out the old bottle, there may still be some left in there. Play it safe and get a new bottle instead.
  2. White vinegar.
  3. Coffee filters.

In the spray bottle, make a mix of equal parts white vinegar and water. So, if your bottle is 16oz, use 8oz white vinegar and 8oz plain water. Shake to mix.

Spray liberally on your glass as you would any other glass cleaner.

Now, here’s the trick. I learned this way back in the day when I spent a few years as a waitress. Instead of paper towels, wipe the mirror clean with coffee filters. Not only do they leave a streak free shine, but they are also lint free, so they won’t leave bits of lint all over your glass.

Added bonus: Since you’re only using vinegar and water, if you use compostable coffee filters, you can also compost them when you’re done cleaning.

And how well does it work? Look and see:

Cleaning Glass with Vinegar – Streak Free from

No more grossness and streak free. I call this one a non-toxic win.


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