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Cleaning Glass with Vinegar - Streak Free! from domesticsoul.com

Cleaning Glass with Vinegar – Streak Free

If you're looking to remove toxic substances from your home, there are quite a number of safer products available at your local store. But I'm thinking, if I can make my own cleaner in just a...
Houseplants for Healthy Air from domesticsoul.com

House Plants for Healthy Air: Eliminate Indoor Air Pollution

In most parts of the US it’s a little cold this time of year for outdoor gardening, and you might be missing the green view outside your window.  The solution is to bring the...
Almost No Effort, Non-Toxic Microwave Cleaning from domesticsoul.com

Almost-No Effort, Non-Toxic Microwave Cleaning

A nice, clean, shiny microwave. Isn't it pretty? I assure you, that is not what my microwave usually looks like. I don't tend to microwave much, but other people in my house give this microwave...

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Cauliflower Leek Soup with Bacon Recipe

You're probably familiar with this soup's cousin - potato leek soup. Potato leek soup is a tasty, creamy and hearty soup that is perfect...
Tomato Salad Recipe from domesticsoul.com

Tomato Salad Recipe

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