How To Make Tarragon Vinegar

How to Make Tarragon Vinegar from


Growing your own food is amazing. Are you hungry? Well then step right up to the back porch where we have tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini as far as the eye can see. Pick and eat right off the plant. Nothing fresher. Nothing juicier.

Except when you’re a little cramped for space, and then you probably have to rely on Farmers’ Markets like I do. (And, well, my mother’s garden of course.) But even with very little room, it’s very easy to grown your own herbs. In just a small amount of space on the back porch, I have a nice herb garden going – complete with dill, sage, marjoram, chives, aloe, parsley, thyme and, of course, french tarragon. The sage finally had to get it’s own pot because it got so large it was starting to strangle the chives and marjoram. I’ll tell you how to tame a sage plant in a few days. Today, we are going to tame a tarragon plant – by learning how to make tarragon vinegar.

My tarragon plant is pretty small¬†now, but just a few short weeks ago, it was taking over and threatening to eat my dogs and attack small children. Huge, really, it was huge. So, for the safety of the neighborhood, I had to tame that bad boy. I went outside with my trusty scissors and chopped off huge hunks of it, but not before I posted desperate pleas on social media¬†for ideas on what to do with tarragon. While I don’t have a recipe for it (yet), adding tarragon to chicken salad was one of the suggestions and it sounds delicious. I have to work on that.

But I need to do something quick – there were lives at stake here, man! So I went with my trusty backup plan – Tarragon Vinegar. I hear it’s used a lot in French cooking. I know it mostly from salad dressings. But I figured it was easy enough to make that I’d make some and figure out recipes for it later. Nothing quite like planning ahead, eh?

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1 liter white vinegar (approximately)
4-5 sprigs fresh tarragon


1 liter Glass bottle with stopper

Step 1: Put 4-5 sprigs of fresh tarragon into your glass bottle. Fill bottle with white vinegar, leaving an inch or two of room at the top.

How To Make Tarragon Vinegar from

Step 2: Put the stopper in the bottle and leave on the counter for 2-4 weeks.

… and that’s really all there is to it! Easy, right? Now I just need recipe ideas to use up all the vinegar I have. Have a suggestion? Leave a comment below and I’ll check it out.


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